Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time to put away the sweats?

[My sister* started her own blog and has been pestering me to update mine, haha]

Damn,'s about time! My dresser was being cluttered with different types of pajamas and loungewear because some days it would be in the 80s, then the next couple of days in the 50s. But for the next week or so, we might (finally) have consistently warm weather:

Not only will the sunshine help lift my spirits, but now I can leave my birds outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air all day long, instead of carrying their cage up and down from the basement when the weather changes.

I've gone back to school and have been busy with homework, so my blog posts have been sparse. The cloudy weather didn't put me in the mood to blog much either, and there wasn't really anything to write about.

Oh yeah, so school. Nope, not dental school! Something completely different, but I'm really enjoying it. It's going to be a lot harder to find a job or career path with this, but I've been thinking of having dental hygiene as my fallback if things don't work out.

I don't remember what this one's supposed to look like when it blooms...

I've also made crepes for the first time and they were the bombdiggity (lol). And I think that I've become addicted to Nutella and Blockles.

*Oooh! I want to welcome my sister to the blogosphere. That Girl is Hoisin features her fashion and makeup looks of the day and some tips. Lol, complete opposite of me! I'm mostly in my sweats (shorts and t-shirts now!) with a tinted moisturizer as my makeup. My "fashion of the day" (FOTD) would look the same errday.

As such:

From my guest appearance on her blog.

And the neighborhood cat who comes by every afternoon. Very affectionate and playful!

I hope that everyone's enjoying their Spring!


steph said...

Wow! I love the look of the day! Haha.

Yay you finally updated, but you never told anyone what you changed your focus on (done on purpose)?

That black cat is super cute - and I like the pictures you took of our backyard. I'm pretty sure if I tried, they would look like I was taking pictures of weeds.

Anyway, welcome back! You should blog about your day, even though I talk to you everyday. It's still interesting to read!

steph said...

BTW! Why am I 7th on your link list? I put you FIRST on mine! =P

Some sister!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Yeah? So why the secrecy?

My verification word is "sewsitif." Is that your new career path? You're gonna sew stuff? Christine "sews" "it" "if" she likes it? :)

Christine D. said...

steph - I know, isn't my FOTD just fab? You're now #1 on my links list--you didn't like being after my fur sculptures? lol

WC - Haha, I don't want to jinx it! So for now, yes...I AM gonna sew! Only if I like it though, so no ugly patterns pls. :P

steph said...

oHai! Even though you rarely update your blog, I still think it's (and you) are lovely! I awarded you with One Lovely Blog Award.


KirkK said...

Yay, a new post! ;o)

Christine D. said...

steph - Thanks sis! I am lovely only in your eyes, ahahha.

Kirk - It's been about time, huh! Another one coming soooon.