Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sunbather killed by police SUV

Oh man....:

Sunbather killed by police SUV

Two police officers patrolling a beach about 55 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles on Monday ran over and killed a sunbather, authorities said.

The officers did not immediately realize they had run over the woman and continued driving, police Cmdr. Tom Chronister said in a statement.

The officers, who were not immediately identified, had stopped on a small berm of sand to watch a swimmer they believed to be in distress. When they saw the swimmer was fine, they drove their SUV over the berm and apparently over the woman's head, authorities said.

The woman, Cindy Conolly, 49, of Sioux City, Iowa, was in town for her son's wedding, said Mike Feiler, senior deputy medical examiner in the Ventura County coroner's office.

It just had to top off with her being in town for her son's wedding :(


elmomonster said...

that suuuucks! i feel sorry for everyone involved.

elmomonster said...

BTW, I found a photo of the scene. So sad.

Christine D. said...

Oh man!!!

Makes me wonder what kinds of alternatives that they have for patrolling the coast besides driving their huge trucks around and TRYING not to run over the sunbathers. Isn't there supposed to be a road? Well, i guess not all beaches have them. *sigh*

I guess until we have hovercrafts...